How we Disobey Europe and why Georgia Can Not Receive the School Leaving Certificate

Though we are adolescents (Georgians are implied) and we have serious “teen syndrome” we do not want to study and pass the European integration exam. But we permanently declare that we move towards the Europe and approach Europe within the scopes of the Neighborhood Program and Eastern Partnership but it seems that we never do our homework. Therefore, Europe is angry with us and it is monishing us. Ah, sorry, I am nervous and I speak not very clearly. But it would be surprising, if I spoke clearly. So, what all this is about? It is about European integration, i.e. integration of Georgia with the Europe. What we need it for? To sell Sulguni of Obuja and greens from Opshkviti in Amsterdam streets and open branches of the restaurant “Shemoikhede Genatsvale” near Bastille and receive there what we cannot get here, or vice versa! More

What Was the Harm to Hegel Due to Lack of Knowledge in Georgian Tax Code

“Nothing is eternal under the moon, except for the idea about the eternity”

I know for sure, you missed me and frankly, I missed you as well! Winter is ending and soon the frost and cold will leave us and the nature and mood will change, as it always happens! Only some economic postulates will remain unchanged and this is not because Hegel was not a genius or because there was some new discovery in the contemporary natural sciences about development of the world, no, he simply was unaware in Georgian Tax Code and moreover, he could not know the subordinated normative acts. And he has lost much – the theory of world cognizing will not be full without this, as well as Hegel’s theory of objective mind. Really, studying this theory, when I was a student, I thought that it lacks something and now I understand, it lacks perception of the tax code in time and space. If he has seen this code, he would understand that everything changes, with the exception of the sizes of operations to be included into the costs! More

VAT Content in Khachapuri with Millet and Parameters of the Edgeworth Box for the New Year Feast – Unseen Competition

I thought about what to say to my readers this New Year. How we have gone through 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes, suffered pain and difficulties, how many senseless or crazy things we have done and how many of them we shall do in the next 365 days. Or, maybe, we should discuss nuclear explosion of the widely appreciated buckwheat prices, together with the piglet and garlic! But you will discuss this without me at your kitchens and I am sure, you will discuss this at the New Year parties as well. Just recently, I had a foreign quest and I invited him to Radisson Sas restaurant. They brought the menu. We looked at the prices and made the order. No one has warned us that this was a new style restaurant. Yes, I am not kidding, an Italian one, but with a new tax education conception. In the bill they have brought, there was written the price of supper, further the tax and subtotal and further the total. Do you understand? When you eat, you should know the amount of VAT, income or excise taxes in the price of your khachapuri or steak… People can get used to the tax code more easily, in this way. More

Re-export of Russian Women and Import of Russian Wives

I was sure that in the 21st century there would be a revolution in the economic theory but I could not imagine that the export-import structure and the balance of payments were changed so dramatically. Recently I worked on the economic situation in Abkhazia and opened the portal, perhaps, the official one: and I was astonished as among the strategic export resources I have found two new details – one item in the export economy – Russian women and Russian wives… Maybe it would be better to write “re-export of Russian women and import of Russian wives”, as these goods move at the customs in different modes, but on the other hand, there were no such goods in the harmonized system of the goods nomenclature before, perhaps, they were imported in a new mode. Or, Russia regards that there is no Abkhazia, there is only Sokhumi Province and it should not be the party of a foreign country. Though, it is not surprising as at one of the portals I read: Sverdlovsk Region and Abkhazia have signed the agreement on cooperation! Cool! What could be said? A province makes agreement with the other province. I like Russian approach, if its province makes agreement with Georgian province, as the respective part of the foreign country. But if one of its provinces makes agreement with the other one, the Abkhazians should be at a loss, together with the Georgians. More

We are Ahead of Our Time and Accomplish a Miracle

At last, the bad time when Georgians were behind of all and were late always and everywhere has ended (Tokyo incident was the exclusion and the last case). Moreover, we are ahead of time. You don’t believe? Here are the facts: do you remember that the flights at Tbilisi Airport were always delayed? When the tourists bored of terrible smell, with the dull faces and wet and red eyes as though they had a pepper in their throats, begging the girl sitting at the help desk and looking like a Gucci model, the most popular person in the hall to say, when they will leave? And this time is ended in our country, the planes depart in time and moreover, they can even start before the scheduled time… Not in time, like the whole civilized world, but ahead of time. Don’t you believe? More

Who Supports Us, or Story about Immigrant Georgia and Remained Georgians

Terrible heat and fall of lari rate attached Georgia this summer! It is the boom of economic theory boom! There are many questions about climate changes and economic problems! World cannot understand, whether the climate became warmer or colder?! Does the temperature grow or fall?! Someone has even mentioned that climate change problem was invented to make money at international level. They say also that these financial bubble and crisis were arranged to redistribute the world without any war! So, in this heat, one can hear variety of rumors but the main thing is the answer to the question. The scientists can explain the phenomena based on the objective laws but the questions are left without answers yet! For example, how the exchange rate of lari to US dollar is established and whether there is the guarantee that the June events would not occur again tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and lari will not fall, where the currency flows come from to improve the exchange rate etc. More

Elections and Communism

My god, what a wonderful month is May – the Earth flourishes, the peach branches with colored flowers sway and people’s hearts open up in vivid expectation of miracle, the passions are high awaiting for the fairy tale. It is so beautiful, the Mother Nature, erupting like the volcano of Island and humans, high and as weak as a man in love. Even light touch of frost and wind may leave only buds and pollen on them, brought by the bees with great efforts.
Looking on this, one is ready to believe in the fairy tales and whisper of May breeze, trembling of the leaves and romantic oaths sound like beautiful music. Oh yes, we have forgot about a new participant of this beautiful morning – Georgian voter, listening longingly and with great pleasure to the promises of party leaders, how they intend to return to them the lost bank deposits, supply water for free, while costs for this exceed GEL 80 million, as well as free natural gas, electricity, how they intend to create new jobs, provide favorable medical services and so on. More