“Everything has changed and a great age of the history of humanity has finished. And what about us?” More

Emzar Jgerenaia In TV Imedi [Video] 0

Economic expert Emzar Jgerenaia analyses the president’s speech in Georgian Rarliament.


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Presentation: EBRD 1

Presentation about European Bank for Reconstruction and development.  More

Basics Of Customs And Excise 4,857


I would like to tell you frankly that when I sat at my “Laptop” and started to print the book, I got a bit afraid because I was going to speak about the most difficult and oldest activities in the world; More

Polit-Economic Satire 2 1

First edition of Political economic satire found its way to the
hearts of the readers pretty soon. It is said that economics is
complicated and boring subject. It is not twofaced and doublenatured; instead it has many faces and many hands like Buddha. More

Why Smith, Marx and Lincoln have found themselves at the Urgent Assistance Department of the Republic Hospital together with Gigi

Just recently I had a dream, there was Smith, he had got his arm broken and Marx, dressed in white coat, attempted to make bandage, soured told him – they said that this hand was to be invisible, but the fracture is quite visible and clear. In the corner there was sitting Abraham Lincoln with the open wound, after the shot made one and half centuries ago and cried.
Lincoln’s birthday is on 12 February, I wanted to wish him happy birthday and ask him to sign autograph, the greatest politician of all times, as, in my opinion, he has created not only the contemporary America, but the entire world, to certain extent, as after the civil war the USA has rapidly transformed into the industrial country, from the agrarian one and the new horizon of freedom gave birth to the American eternal movement and gravity – aspiration to the free market and business. That’s why over 16.000 books were written about this person. More