Uh! Don’t you see where is the head of all the problems?! i.e. economic problems in cosmic prism 3

Big, huge moon, glittering in the darkness of mysterious fir trees and shrilling soundtrack of blackbirds was delighting the world. Somewhere below, under the background of shimmering lights, Tbilisi was deep asleep, seeing the middle of its dream. Singing of blackbirds was some kind of ritual, which was like a cure to Kojori forest witness of many hardships. I listened and it seemed as if trio of blackbirds was singing to the moon. More

What research is funded with 17 billion by Apple? 2

At last, we have seen the sun. Winter ends and we jumped into the summer. What’s surprising? We are studying this year in an accelerated pace – we missed one season. And we did the right thing. I wonder what was worth of noting in the spring, what could be better than hot rays of the sun. Turtle Lake area was filled, overcrowded. The whole city gathered – some recall the old government bitterly like a taste of wild green plum, some – new.
Life boils there, a thousand things can be heard, people are worried about thousand things and grumbling. Hot rumours are in the air and soft nature of characters of the new TV series is disapproved, some don’t not like game style of “Real”, some minority and some majority. More

How economic theories are being demolished together with Gudauri-Kobi road and what are the talks at the market 3

Strange things happen at Dunai. We cannot understand whether economic crisis is over or not, whether economic laws work or not, whether spring has come or not and have the Nationals gone or not. By the way, as regards economic laws, there is a full hysteria – according to the laws when a currency strengthens, export of that country should decrease, because goods become expensive. More

Problems of Monkey Transformation and Corruption Combating in the Modern Impudence Art Epoch

Human nature and behavior is indeed an amazing one and it is not true that only the Georgians are strange. World’s leading 20 countries controlling 80% of world’s economy and hence, 80% of the corruption, arranged a meeting in Moscow, in the world’s capital city of corruption and they discussed the issues of combating of corruption. It is unclear, who is going to do this?
Summit in Moscow recalled me a funny story: in the ancient times, the animals arranged a meeting in the forest and the lion was a chairman. He stated that the transformation epoch came to their country (“perestroika”) and the animals were to transform themselves as well. Do you agree? asked the lion. All of them gave their consent, except for the monkey. To the lion’s question, why he was against transformation, the monkey said: “if I transform myself, I shall become a human. When I will be a human, I shall need to get money and I shall need to behave like a monkey to doo this. What is the sense then?” More

What we liked in Singapore do not like in Agmashenebeli 1

Over the years, we wanted to be Singapore and Singapore was the main benchmark. Georgians are weird – and I wonder why? It is a small city – state, of New – York’s size and which gained its formal independence from Britain in 1965, its composed of only port, swine farms, fishermen villages and houses of rich foreigners. In 2011, there were 188 000 millionaire apartments. The country of strict dictatorship, governed by the President Lee Kuan Yew from 1965 to 1990 and after that. We liked this I suppose. We liked formal democracy, and the fact that they have strictest laws. More

Why did Khorena bring to life Maltus in Bakuriani, who has been killed by Chicago school and how Lady Gaga has become an economic category 2

Wow… we caught our breath! The world is saved, 21st has passed. It costed us only 5.5 point earthquake and as TV Imedi announced beverages were severely destroyed on the market shelves.
What if Devil passed through Anaklia and when he saw these “expensive” beverages greed prevailed upon him and he sold the soul to another Devil, drank it and had a spicy Megrelian Kupati (sausages) that even the Devil can make thirsty. The Devil became so drunk that he even forgot why he came to the earth in the end of December month. More

Tskaltubo moon is absent, economy is out 2,862

It was one Tskaltubo evening. I was guest at Prometheus and was looking into park in front of  a house. I was breathing with light radon air so greedily as is somebody was trying to deprive this air in that perfect silence. I looked up, there was an infinite Universe. The moon was run away as electorate that National Party counted and registered, there were only stars in the sky. Maybe the moon has holiday on Tuesdays?! More