Strange Shades of Georgian Green Movement, or How Green is at the Same Time Black, Red, Yellow and Even Motley

On the beautiful April day, when whole world celebrated the Day of Earth, in the bright sun (it was good weather in the morning), the Green Movement has celebrated it as well. For this day the Greens arranged so called performance and there they named as the representatives of “green business” the leaders of the largest oil companies. The nature became so angry for this obscenity that that night it sent unseen thunder, storm and showed and the lightening to Mtatsminda Mast. Furious nature has sent the lightening to the impudence and phariseeism of the Green Movement.
Green Movement, sometimes screaming because of not cutting of the trees but even for taking of each leave, nothing to say about the big dustup with Hudon HPP, unexpectedly named the five oil companies importing low quality petrol into Georgia as the poster-boys of green business. More

Here is the story of alternate, inclusive aristocratic model of rescuing Georgian economy and Georgian worn way of making money i.e. God save us! 15,853


In fall, society was boiling like Khakhetian tatara: here is the new way of electing new president and new government, there we have unique event in the history – the current first person wilfully resigned and society is still shocked – why he left us and suddenly… I read that the prince was baptized in Mtskheta! I thought that I appeared in Turkish TV series, where Suleiman’s son was baptized. Everything can happen in movies, but I didn’t expect this in modern Georgia, I was astonished. More

Problem of the Background and Mutual Assessment in the Eco-Politics of Georgia

The best financial advice I ever got was ”Price yourself high and see
what happens.”
Scott Adams, creator of ”Dilbert” and author of ”How to Fail at
Almost Everything and Still Win Big”
It is a cold winter. Frost spits, trembles and wants to penetrate into our flesh, like a sorrow. It is so cold that I think, even the frost feels frozen, seeking some warmth in our poor bodies. It does not know that we are even colder and crueler than it is. It is cold but silent and pure and we – cold, cruel and speaking different pharisaic and dirty thinks. Frost kills a human and further, it maintains the body beautiful and peaceful, undamaged and we kill one another with our senseless words and further decay them. Sometimes I think that if Lord could really see all our actions, sins, hear all our words, his heart would burst of all these. Perhaps he shouts angrily – no, how all these could be forgiven or heard on the day of doom. More

Mary was caught 3

“I have wondered at times what the Ten Commandments would have looked like if Moses had run them through the US Congress.”
― Ronald Reagan
“Superior man blames himself, inferior man blames others”
Confucious 525 BC
”When you have a gun it’s much easier to talk with a man”
Dwight D. Eisenhower, the US President
We’ve been arguing about governments and self-governments for ages. All of us criticize and demand them to be strong and cornerstones of the country and its economy. We’re constantly arguing, creating new concepts or laws and complain that nothing’s done and they are as ridiculous and paralyzed like Kutaisi Mayor’s Office. More

The US External Debt Anatomy 0


Emzar Jgerenaia
TSU Professor PHD

Today, the world is facing disaster. In any case, this is announced by leading TV channels and agencies. Once again the circumstance becomes obvious that the US economy is not only the one that sets the pitch, but also it actually represents the only backbone of the world’s economy, on which economies of other leading countries are constructed; there is no balance and the world market is unprotected from this point of view – one wrong step made by the US politicians and economists might throw the world into abyss. More

Return the sun to us and take the City Park to hell

Tbilisi style business

Sky over Batumi is closed and the sun, perhaps, has its summer vacations. Permanent rain and cold has made summer season similar to winter. Everything changes, except for Al Jarreau and City Park. I wonder why the sun is angry with us or who made it angry this time? I understand, it is tired of watching us but it is too much, poor people, with the only resort is the most expensive and moist Batumi. In bad weather the boredom reaches its peak and people move to the center of the city. And I moved together with them. After long searching I found a parking for my car.
I left the car and went to the cafe. I attempted to cheer myself up and relief the trauma caused by one-week rain. But … When I returned, I found the parking ticket on my windshield – Batumi City Park imposed GEL 10 fine on you. I grew angry and dangerous like Black Sea! More

What Happened to Europe? Barroso appears to be young Maoist, Hollande – reactionary, i.e. why don’t we become members of the European Union and what killed the horse of Merab Natchkebia 20,917


What Happened to Europe? Barroso appears to be young Maoist, Hollande – reactionary, i.e. why don’t we become members of the European Union and what killed the horse of Merab Natchkebia
Montmartre saturated with sun and army of artist-pilgrims, rustling of modern French artists and coffee with croissants. As if whole world has arrived here to touch the spirit of Modigliani, Monet and Pissarro, feel the air full of paints and heavenly colours of impressionism. I’m sitting along and thinking of faraway past – here, somewhere, together with Gauguin, Akhvlediani and Gudiashvili were strolling and ordering continental breakfast or French nectar Sauvignon to these waiters in berets. More