Emzar Jgerenaia

There was a great day in November. First, the French team came to visit us, then the famous “Corsicans” from the South Africa.

The French team was remarkable for its perfect technique. It is natural, of course, because the team was strong enough. Nave (La Coste), Durti (Captain) , Vermi, Kassen (Bomfua), Bidare, Skrela,Kulina (Miku); Minasiani, Blini, Lekiuli, Kadiki, Rovani, Dio, Baltazar (Olivie), Azulei. The most remarkable member of the team was the coach’s son Skrela. In spite of fierce battle, the match ended in our favour 24:20. But for the additional four minutes, the difference in the score would be comparatively more.
Our boys fought with great bravery: Khamusharidze, Urjukashvili, Zibzibadze, Alania (Georgadze), Khekhelashvili (Bugianishvili), Jimsheladze, Iovadze (Modebadze), Shvelidze, Georgadze, Tsabadze (Capitain), Nikolaenko, Didebulidze (Magrakcelidze), Nadiradze (Udesiani), Bolgashvili (Javelidze), Labadze, Mchedlishvili. More


Dr. Emzar Djgerenaia

I am eager to please my readers on Christmas Eve and assure them that everything will be all right. Yet, they are waiting for something more but I cannot console them by anything.

In the Y2001 the economic crisis has deepened, decrease in the production level exceeded 12%, the number of investments fell catastrophically. Budget revenues have considerably decreased, too. The fiscal policy does not change and is still directed against business and entrepreneurs. We did not listen to the advice of our economic experts. Nor are we eager to listen to Balzerovich’s advice. There is still no single strategy and conception of economic development. Yet, we do not know what we really want. The Parliament made the whole Government retire and then appointed the same government again in spite of the fact that a majority of deputies threatened that they would not designate any of the former ministers. More

Economy Moving Stubbornly to Abyss

Dr. Emzar Djgerenaia

This column has not appeared in our journal for a long time, because we thought that discussion and consideration of economic problems would exasperate and irritate my people who are already very exhausted with columns and theories.

Yet, there is a multitude of problems that we do not even try to solve. We have the impression that we attend to another business; like a river, economics more and more disgorges towards the abyss. More