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Emzar Jgerenaia


I was born in Gali, Georgia, on September 19, 1963. I went to School in Gali in 1968. In 1981 I went to Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia and my professional training began at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University at Faculty of Economics, specialization: Finances and Credit. I was a good student, ranking near the top of my class. Through lecturers I became interested in economics and, in particular, finance. My Ph.D. dissertation attempted to determine the Planning of Money Circulation. After essentially finishing my Ph.D. dissertation in 1989, I became an Assistant Professor of Finance at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University and still I go on teaching there as an Associated Professor.
I had practice in BerlinerBank, Germany and in InterBank, Istambul. I have received different awards in my life – UNCTAD game me special diploma and award for implementing the information net program “Asikuda“ at Georgia`s Customs.
In 1982-1985 I graduated from the Ivane javakhishvili Tbilisi State University – the Journalism Faculty.

From 1990 my active career began. In 1990-1992 I worked as the director of the bank “VneshekonomBank“, then from 1992 till 1994 I was the Vice-President of EximBank of Georgia. In 1997 I went to “Gaertianebuli Qartuli Banki“ as the First Deputy Director. From 1997 I was involved in economic policy – 1997-2000 deputy chair of Customs Department of the Ministry of Finance; in 2004 I was the adviser of the Ministry of Economy, in 2004-2005 – Head of Antimonopoly Agency of Georgia. Also, from 2006 till 2009 I headed QA at Faculty of Economics, at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.

International Business
As an expert of economics I work on pipelines and energy security problems, in particular on Baku-Jeikhan, Nabucco, White Stream pipelines projects (see publications www.geoeconomics.ge; www.geoeconomic.com).
As a Ph.D I teach at Tbilisi State University the subject – International Trade and Banking, among them Spec-Transport, Transported Cargo Trading.
As a consultant and representative I work for – Saint-Gobain Corporation (French), ASSA Abloy (Finland), Danfoss group (Denmark).

International Business has always been my sphere of interest, so in 2006 I agreed on Maxit group`s offer (business of building materials) and became the official representative of it in Caucasus region. Maxit group merged with weber and Saint-Gobain`s group in 2008 and now I am an Official Representative of Saint-Gobain Weber-Vetonit group in Caucasus.
In 2008 I got offer from Abloy ASSA and became the official representative of the Finnish company in Georgia too. Then Danfoss group was interested in Georgia`s market and offered me to be their representative too.

The Economic-Scientific Magazine
There was difficult time for Georgia after Soviet Union breakdown. The most important and interesting thing was economic transformation of the country. Lots of journalist visited me every day, I told them my opinions but it was not enough, it was obvious that there was no economic magazine in Georgia which would give serious information about Georgia`s economic problems to Georgian and foreigner people. In 1997 I decided to create an economic-scientific monthly bilingual magazine (it is in Georgian and in English)“Sakartvelos Ekonomika“ (Georgia`s Economy www.geoeconomics.ge; www.geoeconomic.com). There was electricity and other serious problems but the magazine has survived and it has many serious readers nowadays. I am pride because the magazine gives scientific, clear and objective information to its reader about economic situations in Georgia and in the world.

I am a participant of economic conferences very often, but it must be mentioned that I gave my own conferences too. In 2006 I found NGO “FEBI“ (Institute of Free Economic and Business). I was the organizer of the international economic conference “Metrology, standardization, certification and food safety problems in Georgia“ 2006, April 18, also “Export Supporting Problems and European Market“ 2006, “Economic Problems of Georgia 2007 –Scientific View“ 2007, “Economic Problems of Georgia 2008 –Scientific View“ 2008.

Monographs, handbooks, dictionaries, international publications

“Issues of Introduction of Georgian Currency“ 1994, In 1996 I published “Problems of Foreign Currency Exchange and Dealing“, “Basics of Techniques of Custom Operations“ 2002 (monigraph) for the monograph I was awarded with Medal of Honor by the President of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze, “Polit-Economic Satire“,. 2004 (monograph) “Polit-Econimic Satire II`2009 (monigraph). It must be mentioned that “Polit-Economic Satire“ and “Polit-Economic Satire II“ consists of my brief humorous articles which are published every month in the magazine “Sakartvelos Ekonomica“ in Editor`s Column, in this monograph reader can read the whole economic history of Georgia`s economic development from 1997, written with humor which criticizes wrong steps and directions being in Georgia`s Economy. I am also author of many scientific and economic articles. I give interviews as economic expert to different newspapers, televisions and radios very often.

Selected Articles (Published in the magazine “Sakartvelos Ekonomika“)

  • What a tax code should be like 2004 N4
  • Who controls construction in Tbilisi, 2005 N7
  • Modern socialism – “The Oasis of Batka” in the middle of Europe 2005 N6
  • World economy without Alan Greenspan or what is in store for us tomorrow, 2005 N9
  • Georgia’s export trends and problems, 2006 N7
  • The world economy stumbled at the finish of 2006, 2006 N9
  • Who decides Georgia’s fate, 2006 N10
  • What is in store for GEL and the prospects of the Georgian financial market, Credit-currency policy contrary to the world trends and obstacles to the Georgian economy, 2006 N11
  • Taxpaying Reform or the Privilege, 2007 N4
  • Council of Erudite Experts to Be Cancelled, How to Maintain Thesis and Receive a Degree, 2007 N6
  • An opportunity to access European Market – Polish Businessmen Rendezvous in Tbilisi on November 14-17, 2007 N9
    Baku-Tbilisi-Poti-Odessa- Brodi- Plotsk new Eurasian pipeline – An opportunity for energy security of Europe; The Guarantee for Russian Monopoly destruction, 2007 N9
  • SOS! Russia captured the world’s gas market in December, 2007 N12
  • Challenges of virtual Consumption Banking Credits and Theory of Creativeness
    Monaco system in supply and demand, Bull Trend of modern banking and financing system, 2008 N3
  • New World and Ideas of Oliver Cromwell today, Georgia within the paradigm of national interests, 2008 N7
  • Why is London gloomy and what threatens us in the nearest future, 2008 N7
  • Russia Disappears from the Investment Radar, but Georgia? 2008 N9
  • The 10-th anniversary of the World Crisis and the beginning of the new one, 2008 N9
  • What for Russia leads warfare and in what will Georgia be exchanged? 2008 N11
  • European house becomes cold, New World Economic Architecture, 2008 N12
  • New paradigm of world economy, 2009 N2
  • Time of bank loans restructing, 2009 N4

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