What is the price of love, or the law in the emptiness about emptiness for the empty country

It is better not to be born rather than to be born dead

The emptiness is the most expensive space of the mankind. The most significant part of the entire market is the action for covering of the emptiness. People spend most money for filling of the emptiness and frequently they do this unconsciously. Perhaps, no one has calculated but human relations, in a monetary form, achieve quite significant amount. I mean that relations with the people making one’s life beautiful are very valuable, those, with whom we share our emotions, thoughts; whom we make smile, whom we support or give love, warmth, romanticism, love. We spend time with them – friends, beloved people, family members. But all these has some costs: presents for the various significant dates, parties, everyday rituals of having coffee and tea at the cafe, visiting restaurants etc; friendship, love, relations with the children – all these are quite expensive relations.

To fill the emptiness, this disease of 21st century, people can even use the equipment: computers, mobile phones, various gadgets. Frequently they replace real relations, but similarity is that we pay for them as well. Out attitude to them is almost maniacal, we became their slaves, we are chained to them like Amiran to the cliff. Unlike us, Amiran attempted to get free while we become slaves to greater and greater extent – we attempt to follow the technical innovations and replace one model with another to better fill the emptiness.
When thinking about this, I found out that this would be a good idea for the beginner businessmen. How can a man make money? Of course by providing the most demanded products and if we look to the human emptiness in material aspect and translate it into the categories able to fill such emptiness, we shall find that the best business is the one serving to filling of the emptiness of the mankind – people pay the greatest amounts without regret not for the food, clothes or defense but for filling of the emptiness.
One of such “instruments” for filling of the emptiness is having home pats – for example, small, white and fluffy puppy like Roy, with its needle-like teeth and scratching paws. Though, you should not think that filling of the emptiness is limited to pleasure of watching of how this adorable creature plays. Now, it has its price you have to pay in its direct meaning: in 2014, after dealing with all their problems, the Parliament of Georgia and Ministry of Environment Protection turned to our pets and adopted the law, and according to this law, you shall pay the fine, if your fluffy emptiness filler has a dump in the street and you fail to remove it. Where else can you see such picture, where people walk their expensive dogs and further bear responsibility for their excrements? Of course, these are Vake, Vera, Rustaveli, Saburtalo and Batumi Boulevard. My congratulations, this is a record in world jurisprudence and civil law – we have adopted the law written for five districts of the country. It is hard to imagine that in Chkhorotsku or Chokhatauri a dog was aired by its owner, instead, I have seen the dogs walking in the streets and satisfying their natural requirements. I wonder, if they find a dog alone in the street, who must pay the fine? Maybe the dog itself? Maybe City Park inspector will issue the bill and hang it on the dog’s neck? or the dogs will be numbered, with the badges and in case of violation send the bills to their owners? Your dog has had a good dump in the specified territory, and please pay GEL 50 as the fine.
I think, the government has realized that they can make money for filling of the emptiness and introduced this new fine. Though, the beginner businessmen can benefit from this. Has your pet done something in the street? You just need to make a call to our company and our operators will immediately clean everything up for GEL 5. In case of three calls per day, the fourth call will be for free. Believe me, this will be a good business. The fate of the other districts will be regulated by the subordinated act developed by the Ministry, based on the world’s best practice and taking into consideration the strange nature of Georgians.
Hey, people, I wonder, whether this country has nothing to do except for this? Fill the other empty places, why have you come to this? Let these excrements stay in the street, I think they will be more useful that some civil servants at the state positions, sitting and doing nothing and getting people’s money for nothing. They fill the emptiness in the rooms only while the excrements fertilize the soil. It’s time to adopt the laws to be complied with all over the country and before their adoption make conclusion, whether it is implementable or not, whether we desire to implement it or not, where it will fill the emptiness or don’t adopt them at all, it would be better not to give birth rather than to give birth to a dead.
I wish you happy New Year, less emptiness and… Maybe I should wish you a dog’s luck? Now you can see that the dogs became the part of economy, the element of GDP, poor dogs, they have to be responsible for human duplicity, fill the emptiness left by the beloved people and you have to pay for the excrements.
December 2014