About the regularities of Stendhal’s death of syphilis and economic paradigms of contemporary Georgia, or for which politician it would be adequate to die of Ebola

“… I cannot guarantee that I shall not be nervous”

Winter creeps slowly, with the frost, pain and melancholy. Sun is defeated and colorless veil of cold covers the nature and soul full of summer joy and love!
Perhaps, everything has its time, everything is perishable, but sometimes I think – people simply sooth themselves by these senseless words and attempt to cover their mistakes with dust or attributing them to the others – to the nature or even sun. Maybe because it is the most painful thing to recognize one’s own mistakes. The regularities, seemingly inevitable, actually are the certain dogmas and Shania laws emerged in human mind, pumped into the worm-eaten layers of their coconsciousness and people don’t know why they follow them.

In this world, the number one theologian of love, Stendhal, killed by syphilis, the Cupid’s measles, maybe someone believes that this is normal?! As he said: “death, life, eternity – these are too simple concepts for those who are quite educated”. (1. Stendhal, “Red and Black”, Tb. 2014, p. 291)
We all are the slaves of our ambitions, with the exception of the chosen people and further we start to seek those who are guilty all over the world, to say that they have forced to do something bad… Matilda followed her beloved person’s body to the grave. Many priests and people followed the coffin. No one knew that Matilda set in the coach with the curtains down and she had a head of a man she loved so much on her knees.”
The mankind have not listened to Stendhal and it plunges with great pleasure into the swamp of dogmatism, creates the legends and bases the paradigms on some simple and senseless rules, the azimuths of the ways, actually false and after discovering this, it commences endless excuses,
Why have I recalled in this grey, wet and dull morning of Tbilisoba Stendhal, creator of the greatest picture of love philosophy and human ignorance? Because this trend has moved from love to the economy. This disease has infected entire world and our country like light and quite expensive Ebola virus.
Just imagine, how many people have hardships in Georgia and start to dream about… and further there will be only moulds: free kindergarten; free school; free textbooks; free healthcare; increased allowances for the vulnerable people and refugees and exemptions of taxes, hanging on our economy like heavy boulders and hindering its progress, like the idea of moral love and moral life and seeking of the truth in the dogmas, with Stendhal’s characters.
Of course, socialism is a good thing, but it is too expensive! And as at this stage we have no any other source of finances, it is time to leave the dreams about social equalization and act reasonably in actual situation. Get free of the dogmas and create the paradigms based on the actual resources and values and tell the truth to ourselves – the truth about the fact that the world was stressed by fall of the oil prices. Price for barrel of oil has decreased by almost $30 while in Georgia the prices are the same as 4-5 months ago. Moreover, Wissol has increased price up to GEL 2.24 for super, when we were lying, now or before? What will be tomorrow? The investors have abandoned us and perhaps they have forgotten us at all. Why? What we are going to do? We have established the antitrust agency, but it seems that it has given the vow of silence, what are we doing? For 3 years the budget is about 9 million and in the next year there will be the elections, what are we going to do? I heard that on the Titanic a lover was having the last bottle of Champaign, telling his lover that everything will be all right! No, we are not on the Titanic yet, and we are not Julian from Stendhal’s book, telling himself before execution that everything is all right, because he is not trembling but maybe it would be better to reject the stereotypes; follow the reality and commence the reforms, be frank, as there is too little time, it is cold and winter is coming!!!
October 2014