Strange Shades of Georgian Green Movement, or How Green is at the Same Time Black, Red, Yellow and Even Motley

On the beautiful April day, when whole world celebrated the Day of Earth, in the bright sun (it was good weather in the morning), the Green Movement has celebrated it as well. For this day the Greens arranged so called performance and there they named as the representatives of “green business” the leaders of the largest oil companies. The nature became so angry for this obscenity that that night it sent unseen thunder, storm and showed and the lightening to Mtatsminda Mast. Furious nature has sent the lightening to the impudence and phariseeism of the Green Movement.
Green Movement, sometimes screaming because of not cutting of the trees but even for taking of each leave, nothing to say about the big dustup with Hudon HPP, unexpectedly named the five oil companies importing low quality petrol into Georgia as the poster-boys of green business.

If we look more carefully to the issue of this low quality fuel, we shall see that such low quality implies content of the lead and other chemical admixtures in the fuel and they directly cause the cancer. Many specialists have made their reports but for some reason no one pay attention to such reports and these oil companies first of all. They don’t care. They poison us, steal and in addition, make us pay excessive money. No one makes them responsible, even Green Movement, directly committed to protect our green planet.
I would like to apply to my friends from Green Movement, in these Easter days, please, stop this phylactery. Please, don’t invite the representatives of oil companies under the aegis of green business and don’t make them the image of green business, please, reject some grants and be honest. There are some values higher than money, for example, conscience, human trust, fairness. But what are we talking about, we are the phylactery lovers, sometimes we desire to join NATO, sometimes – EU and sometimes we don’t want to join anyone; we like the fairy tales, we express our protest when the restaurant is built in Vake Park but we say nothing when the area in front of Sports Palace, the favorite place of our children now is full of large buildings and for some reason I don’t remember that the Greens have said anything about this. We fight with construction of Hudon HPP while poison the country with the chemical admixtures in the fuel and moreover, we award the people responsible for this in a most pharisaic manner – as green business. In think, the greatest enemy of the Georgians is phylactery. We should deal with this sin first and further fight against the external and internal enemies and think about where to be, with the Europe or Asia.
May 2014