Problem of the Background and Mutual Assessment in the Eco-Politics of Georgia

The best financial advice I ever got was ”Price yourself high and see
what happens.”
Scott Adams, creator of ”Dilbert” and author of ”How to Fail at
Almost Everything and Still Win Big”
It is a cold winter. Frost spits, trembles and wants to penetrate into our flesh, like a sorrow. It is so cold that I think, even the frost feels frozen, seeking some warmth in our poor bodies. It does not know that we are even colder and crueler than it is. It is cold but silent and pure and we – cold, cruel and speaking different pharisaic and dirty thinks. Frost kills a human and further, it maintains the body beautiful and peaceful, undamaged and we kill one another with our senseless words and further decay them. Sometimes I think that if Lord could really see all our actions, sins, hear all our words, his heart would burst of all these. Perhaps he shouts angrily – no, how all these could be forgiven or heard on the day of doom.

Were we come from, so haughty and why can we see each small mistake of the others and cannot notice any of our great sins?
Do you know why Cain has killed Abel? Do you want to know the great secret? Cain told Abel, that he had a poor background! Your forefather has escaped to Armenia in his ark at a time of Deluge said he and killed his brother because of this (at least, Gela Khanishvili, my old friend and now solid wastes killer). Before Abel died, he thought, let a man more innocent than I am throw the stone to me and kill me with the dagger but people could not hear this.
People who have gained their promotion and success by chance or a politician always forget their past and see the other person’s past in dark colors, while their past, in their opinion is as white and pure as snow in Bakuriani. They never remember their own background and from where and how they have come and they are interested in the other peoples’ background only.
This is a political way of action for them – be as impudent and as haughty as possible. Covered with mud and blood, they say to their friends, if they can remember the small cuts on their faces. When the angels in the heaven hear speech of these people, they are concerned, they think, what angels are there, on the Earth, even greater angels than we are and bend their heads down ashamed.
But such people lack what Galaktioni has told to one weak poet: one of weak poets asked Galaktioni, they say that I am as great poet as Ilia was and what do you think about this? Maybe you are like him, said Galaktioni. What is the similarity, asked the man. Maybe because you are fat, or you have mustaches, answered the great poet. No, tell me, what exactly is difference between Ilia and me, what do I lack – insisted the intruder. Galaktioni got angry and said – you lack a bullet in your forehead.
People often ask me, what the problem was in Georgian economy in 2013. Maybe, the background not so good! I think so and generally, ot would be better, if each person takes care about is own background and we take care of the background of our economy.
When Cain told Abel that he had a poor background and the previous government told to the current one that it had a poor economic background, why the heaven does not fall down, why the cows do not lose their milk and the sky – its snow (maybe they have lost and that’s why sulguni cheese costs 15 lari and there is no snow in Gudauri).
I was thinking about all these and suddenly an elderly hunter standing by my side squeezed my hand like December frost and whispered that a bear was coming out of the wood. I felt thrill of fear. I did not expect this and asked him, but the bears should sleep in winter, or not? The hunter told me: they hear such things that even bear cannot sleep in winter.
So, be careful, the bears don’t sleep, Caen does not like Abel’s forefathers and someone thinks that he is like Ilia.
I wish you merry Christmas and Happy New Year, my dear readers.
As Napoleon Hill sais, our noble nature makes us be unsatisfied with ourselves and allow some scoundrels to talk about our backgrounds.
The year best advice, raise your head as high as you can, price yourself, trust the American genius and one more thing – I recall US president – “Never explain, never excuse”.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
December 2013