Return the sun to us and take the City Park to hell

Tbilisi style business

Sky over Batumi is closed and the sun, perhaps, has its summer vacations. Permanent rain and cold has made summer season similar to winter. Everything changes, except for Al Jarreau and City Park. I wonder why the sun is angry with us or who made it angry this time? I understand, it is tired of watching us but it is too much, poor people, with the only resort is the most expensive and moist Batumi. In bad weather the boredom reaches its peak and people move to the center of the city. And I moved together with them. After long searching I found a parking for my car.
I left the car and went to the cafe. I attempted to cheer myself up and relief the trauma caused by one-week rain. But … When I returned, I found the parking ticket on my windshield – Batumi City Park imposed GEL 10 fine on you. I grew angry and dangerous like Black Sea!

– In this season I have paid GEL 50 the City Park service fee – I told a man from Batumi standing near by
– No, said the man, you have paid the fees to Tbilisi City Park and here we have our own fees. That’s because in Tbilisi they impose fines on the cars from Batumi – he said.
I was astonished – each city of Georgia should impose its own City Park fines? – I asked. Why not, my opponent said, have not you seen the sign at Adlia customs office near Kvariati, saying that Batumi is controlled by City Park? I immediately recalled this expensive and senseless blue sign and started to think – now Kobuleti will introduce such fees, further Lanchkhuti, Samtredia, Kutaisi and so on and before I get to Tbilisi, I shall have to pay about GEL 1000, this was a terrifying picture and I exploded – Down the City Park!
Such fees are collected all over the world by means of the parking meters and this has the only single purpose – limit traffic in the center of the city to prevent overloading and if you don’t park your car in such places, you shall never have to pay such fees.
Initially, this was the case in Tbilisi as well. They wanted to deal with this problem by means of such service but as usually, the result was quite opposite. Someone Bekauri decided to monopolize this business together with his friends from Israel, desiring to get easy money. City Hall thought that this Bekauri was a professional in transport issues, as he was a professional driver with long work experience, before he was elected as a Parliament Member by the Nationals. Relying on the “two-cylinder” mind of this “transporter” they decided to transform this sector in European manner and as usually, we have obtained the African robbery system. Initially they announced the tender, then the winner was expelled and the service was transferred to the City Hall and people. Finally, we rejected the parking meters, the City Hall imposed GEL 25 fees, and later increased them to GEL 50. We have got rid of everything except for these City Park robbers. Down the City Park robbing the people! This is one of the channels created by the Nationals, together with waste disposal services, to finance their activists and their entertainment. And we pay obediently and say nothing! They are right in Batumi – all should impose such fees – let’s divide Georgian into City Parks: Sighnaghi City Park, Chkhorotsku City Park and so on.
Apart of City Park, they have left the parking workers as well and they rob us too. They collect about GEL 3 million annually. That’s how City Gall gives jobs to people on our account. I understand, luxury life style, visiting of bars and strip-clubs is expensive, but people has no enough money to support the City Hall personnel and we must tell them that everything is over between us!
They had to arrange the parking areas and install the parking meters. They had to construct the parking areas but they have done nothing, except for imposing fines. So, in aggregate, they collect about GEL 10 million and enjoy their lives on people’s account. We shall immediately terminate additional funding to Ugulava and Akhvlediani and cancel the City Park fees. And remove these parking workers from the streets.
Now I understand where is the sun – it seems that City Park has taken it away with its tow truck as it has not paid the parking fees. Return us the sun and take your City Park to hell with your tow truck!
August 2013