“Government Announced Plans on Free-Trade Agreement with China, But No Document Is Signed Yet”

EMZAR JGERENAIA, Economic Analyst, comments on Georgia’s aspirations to enter Free-Trade with China

Garibashvili administration has announced that Free Trade Agreement with China was being discussed, but the document is not put out yet. This is a complicated question, because, on the one hand, every country in the world dreams to penetrate China’s huge market, which has 1 billion 600 million population. It’s such a volume that any entrepreneur dreams to have an access to even a tenth of such a market.

On the other hand, it is quite a big challenge for the Georgian business, as it is the policy of the Communist Party-influenced elements of the free market to have fixed low costs and prices. Chinese products are extremely hard to compete with. So think what the competition scales are for the Georgian entrepreneurs. In addition, Chinese goods are widely represented in Georgia. Every product here bears the “Made in China” sticker, our market is practically open for the Chinese businesses. Therefore, there will be no complications for the China-Georgia opening Free Trade.

Source: http://cbw.ge/