Here is the story of alternate, inclusive aristocratic model of rescuing Georgian economy and Georgian worn way of making money i.e. God save us! 15,853


In fall, society was boiling like Khakhetian tatara: here is the new way of electing new president and new government, there we have unique event in the history – the current first person wilfully resigned and society is still shocked – why he left us and suddenly… I read that the prince was baptized in Mtskheta! I thought that I appeared in Turkish TV series, where Suleiman’s son was baptized. Everything can happen in movies, but I didn’t expect this in modern Georgia, I was astonished.

Though, shock did not end with this, show goes on. Fall distinguished itself by drop of economic growth to 2.5 percents, the budget lacks cash income, people are annoyed with unemployment, lack of money and cabal bank credits. Everyone was bothered with the same question – what’s going to happen? and here… the sky opened and bright beam appeared, what’s the point of naive ideas of Chicago school or monetary ideas of Milton Freedman and Phelps. This is brand new, some features resemble Keynes, but God save us from plagiarism, and this is pure original! Georgia has never experienced lack of ideas.
Not so long ago, on a beautiful morning with a mixture of grown old and feeble sun and bold frost, I read:
To: Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia,
Archbishop of Mtskheta-Tbilisi,
Metropolitan of Bitchvinta and Tskhum-Abkhazia,
His holiness and blissfulness Ilia II and Prime-Minister of Georgia Mr. Bidzina Ivanishvili
Explanatory note
Your holiness and blissfulness bless us!
Mr. Bidzina!
Once again with belief and hope we, on behalf of Assembly of Aristocrats of Georgia, the members of monarchist movement “Royal Crown”, parents and teachers of School-Lyceum named after Niko Bagrationi, address you, the spiritual father and physical saviour of the nation regarding urgency of the concept of constitutional monarchy in today’s Georgia.
With devoted efforts of our Patriarch, our beliefs and thoughts, in accordance with national spirit, we inform you that the expectation of God blessed King, refusal to institutions of the discredited former president has found huge support in the society.”
Don’t you believe? Me neither, but I’ll indicate the source ( – even with all the brain-storming I couldn’t invent and think up this. Yes, while we were celebrating new president and his inauguration, it appears that he has been discredited and now we should restore monarchy. This will save us.
I was always wondering – who were kings of Georgia before IX-X centuries? They are the Bagrations of whom King Erekle couldn’t even gather 5000 people (even his sons were hiding) for the war with Aga-Mahmud Khan and the one whose funeral was attended by 50000 people. Neither father nor uncle resigned of the throne in favour of King Bagrat. I don’t know! I am not a historian, but economic miracle awaits you below. Whole history is written in the letter and in the end, there is a conclusion that institution of aristocrats should be restored. Why? Because a King needs his escort. These aristocrats will need lands, palaces, stables, special schools, lyceums, and finally pocket money. And Keynes ideas have been revived:
”15. In the accomplishment of these ideas, long-term, law interest rate credit will help us, that eventually will be returned to Georgia”.
I cited Paragraph 15 as I had already briefed you about the rest of it, what are their desires, what they would like to purchase and create. For that reason they need several tens of millions. Why not?! Simply the word grant is better than credit. They won’t be able to pay the credit anyway and will be disgraced. Then they will start to sell those lands, as they did in the past and it won’t be easy to resurrect Ilia Chavchavadze in order him to establish Aristocratic Bank once again for rescuing Georgia, though I agree with them in the desire to receive money and this is an inclusive, aristocratic economic concept, grand plan of the country’s development.
You should give them some money, Mr. Bidzina, to these members of Aristocratic Club. They’ll start building palaces and royal establishments and those temporary unemployed workmen will be employed, markets of inert and other construction materials will be revived, indicator of industrial growth increases, then they will buy cars, luxurious clothes, gold, trade revives too and in general, all these require services, don’t they? They’ll hire servants, footman, – people get employed, GDP exceeds 8-10 percents and it amounts 15 000 USD per capita.
God bless you! What a wonderful idea, dear! It resembles something like when Keynes called for state motivation of economy in thirties with his multiplier and made the world to think; but in our case, it is also mixed with salt of Georgian naivety and pepper of Georgian slyness.
Dear Sirs and Madams, if you want to have fun do it yourself, the county and people have nothing to do with your monarchy and king. They struggled and built one of the most democratic countries in the region, without any reign, and they’ll take care of that economy too. You, either Ostap Benders or Kvahi Kvachantiradzes, are mistaken with a century.
Are you planning to create economy of zombies or inclusive one! I remember one good old anecdote: Armenian bought Zaporozhets and drove it into garage. At the end of a week, he opened the door and the garage was empty, the car stolen. He bought another Zaporozhets, though the new car faced the same fate, it was stolen too. The third time when he bought a Zaporozhets and opened the garage door, there was a Volga, with a title on it: “If you wanna drive do it, but don’t you disgrace own nation”! If you want to have fun, do it, this is a free country, but, please, do it at your own expense and don’t bother people and the country.
I’ve also recalled one antique fable – a goat was mocking a wolf from the balcony of its owner, the wolf muttered bitterly, the place you are sitting on that mocks me not you. I don’t want someone to mock my nation from a special balcony, this is Georgia – democratic and free country, if you can put a brick – do it! Though don’t you dare to misappropriate the bricks laid by others, you joked and that’s enough, send my kind regards to the prince from the mother’s side (When have we started to transfer surname from mother to son, are we Jews or what?).
Though, it’s worth of considering this new idea – Georgian economic-inclusive-aristocratic theory of the country’s economic development – original!
By the way, don’t write an explanatory note, it not correct, even more, you should be more precise, don’t forget to calculate credit and cash flow! And, in the end, the credit requires debt security and it seems you forgot this aspect, and you should include this for sure,
Consider this at the council meeting.
Wish you success and let St. George blesses you!
23 of November
Emzar Jgerenaia