Uh! Don’t you see where is the head of all the problems?! i.e. economic problems in cosmic prism 3

Big, huge moon, glittering in the darkness of mysterious fir trees and shrilling soundtrack of blackbirds was delighting the world. Somewhere below, under the background of shimmering lights, Tbilisi was deep asleep, seeing the middle of its dream. Singing of blackbirds was some kind of ritual, which was like a cure to Kojori forest witness of many hardships. I listened and it seemed as if trio of blackbirds was singing to the moon.

Or, maybe they were saying prayers? One thing was obvious – their muse or the object of their commendation was that big fat moon. I looked at it too and it seemed that the moon proudly was looking down at me. As if, it emphasized its greatest importance in my and generally in the life of humankind. As if it was obliging us to thank him on the facts proved by the science repeatedly: moon is the largest moon in the galaxy of the sun, it governs tides in the oceans and million years ago the first living creature appeared on the land of the earth due to tides, that due to moon’s attraction earth goes round the sun so slowly. Without the moon, according to scientists, the earth would turn much faster and there would have been severe frosts and unbearable hot weathers (in both cases the company Danfos would benefit – air conditioners and heating would have become much demanded. Uh.. What a business would we have?!). Besides this, it protects atmosphere that covers us and takes care for us not to get overheated. However, it appears that this might not last forever. If the moon slightly moves away from us, we shall expect truly terrible things. Nevertheless, it gradually drifts apart from us. Can it really be true that these blackbirds know this? They understand the importance of the moon and that’s why they sing to it? I wonder, what is our fault against the moon, how did we deserve such a wrath? Let the moon alone, without the earth and people, it would not exists at all. Look at this lazybones. It gets tired, and rests it legs – so it is getting colder, climate changes and it is hailing. Then we have to pay allowance to hundreds of people due to income destroyed by the loafing of the moon or just not existing income. It’s his entire fault that they say in Kakheti – lend me some money until the next hailing or they chose new car according to the weather forecast and watch calendar – when they are going to buy a Mercedes. Why the moon should care, it’s all about us… It is too pompous and grandiloquent with its cut face. I think he is a Mason and Masons started to cut stone from there, from its surface. Yes, moreover, 24 of June is the birthday of Masons. They started to celebrate this day 3 centuries ago in England (I would like to congratulate with all my heart and soul this memorable day to every Mason, I’ll sent you a gift, at the same time special tour is announced to the country of Masonic lodge, pilgrims are going to visit sacred places).
That’s great, but what is the fault of our economy – summer does not look like summer and spring does not look like spring. Hail and catastrophes are all the time. We are still struggling for paying the allowance due to the hail and on the other hand, increase of heating season up to 7 months and law quality gas of “Tbilgas”, for which one pays triple amount in order to heat the house (though, risks of moon behaviour are not mentioned in the risk-management theory of banks and finances, then tell me whose fault is this). Has the moon lived on Rustaveli avenue we would have arranged one good old, strike! But no, it lays for itself and frowns. What we would do without the moon, they say. But this isn’t the case here. We would bring Mars and assign it the position of the moon, moreover considering how long he’s been craving for this position. It’s just that the sun told to cohabitate and that is why it strolls up and down and has become red with the moon’s behaviour. Then we would preach him to move in such a speed that is needed for us and we would not have either too much cold or hail. The country would be filled with harvest, we would save money on energy, whole world would flourish, and even blackbirds would not disturb our dreams with their mezzo-soprano. Uh! Now you see where is the beginning of the problem?! – in the moon. We thought the problem was in us, no and no! – It is above, beginning of every misfortune lies above. That’s why clever Georgians have established whole army of non-governmental organizations under the name of – Intergalactic institute of Mars Legalization (It appears that Mars is in the minority in the sun galaxy, it has its rights and some – either sun or moon – violates them, so someone has to protect it). They are called – Martians and they demand restoration of Mar’s legal rights, we are fed up with the yellow moon and we want red Mars.
We cannot look at this pompous moon. Mars is the other case, it is modest and loving. In the nearest weeks, after the Masons birthday, their parade and protest action is planned to take place. Those willing can join and let’s together rescue our country and whole world. This is too global and too complicated. We thought that we belonged to ourselves… Brother, everything isn’t as we wish. Everything is complicated. Everything is decided above, not here!
Happy Masons’ day and I think it’s time to learn stone cutting. Instead of doing nothing, but cutting Sulguni and hearts of each other.
So my dear moon, things aren’t so simple as they seem. Though, I understand you – everybody is looking for own place under the sun, but what we, Georgians have to do with this? We are fed up with that unending hail and…

Emzar Jgerenaia
TSU Professor