What Happened to Europe? Barroso appears to be young Maoist, Hollande – reactionary, i.e. why don’t we become members of the European Union and what killed the horse of Merab Natchkebia 21,452


What Happened to Europe? Barroso appears to be young Maoist, Hollande – reactionary, i.e. why don’t we become members of the European Union and what killed the horse of Merab Natchkebia
Montmartre saturated with sun and army of artist-pilgrims, rustling of modern French artists and coffee with croissants. As if whole world has arrived here to touch the spirit of Modigliani, Monet and Pissarro, feel the air full of paints and heavenly colours of impressionism. I’m sitting along and thinking of faraway past – here, somewhere, together with Gauguin, Akhvlediani and Gudiashvili were strolling and ordering continental breakfast or French nectar Sauvignon to these waiters in berets.

This place, I suppose, is the island of past glory in the modern Europe, Mecca of artists, while this sea of people – artists-pilgrims. Why this graveyard was attracting these immortal people, who were not destined to die, whose spirits they are guarding and phosphorus of whose grave were they torturing, what connection this pantheon has to supernatural colours of Monet. While I was sinking in these thoughts, Arveladze offered me some coffee, I smoked lazily and again sank into my thoughts. Meanwhile I asked garçon, grinning from ear to ear like a cheese seller, to bring ashtray, though I did not quite grip whether he was smiling to me or to Arveladze balled from Parisian morning chill. “Throw it on the ground” – said the garcon in response. I was astonished. Suddenly, step-by-step impressionists flew away of my thoughts, I thought that I heard these words in the middle of Europe, -lover of order, always concerned about other’s behaviour and permanently preaching Europe. I did not expect this from it. What?! – I shouted bitterly, as if I’ve just heard about death of Manet. I looked around. In the lines of coffee drinkers’ club, everyone had small, tambourine-sized tables in front of them, everyone was smoking and everyone was throwing the ashes on the ground. I thought this too, I guess, is the rule of Montmartre and tried to do the same.
This was not the end of cohabitation of modern Europe and me. I moved to Avenue des Champs Elysées. I wanted to think about all the republics of France and Marxism of Hollande. Under the sycamore trees cut in the style of Nanette haircut, near the centuries old Arc de Triomphe, I had coffee and croissants again and started to think of French revolution. I even did not manage to go on with the First Republic and see the rolling head of Marie-Antoinette when I desired to smoke a cigarette again. Nicotine helps thinking and again I asked for ashtray garcon with the face crumpled like a wrestler’s ears, whose, dander was up I guess, and he answered – “Simply, throw it on the ground”. Then I flew to Lion and from the opposite side of the river shore I was looking at Gothic architecture. I received the same response there too, throw the ashes on the ground, we even do not have an ashtray here! Hm… yes, Europe has changed, its problems are not only strengthening of socialists and raising from the dead of Marx’s ghost (by the way, today is 4th of July, the day of signing the US Declaration of Independence and the day of publishing “Communist Manifest” of Marx and Engels. This is amazing, a real mystic) but also growth of domestic debts and internal transformation.
Herald Tribune 1 of 26th June writes that the President of Czech Republic, Milosh Zeman has proposed candidate of the new prime minister for adoption, as on June 13 police arrested 9 high-rank officials with the charge in corruption! Oh my God! What do my ears here?! Corruption is even in the government of Europe. No, “il est impossible “! This happens in the heart of Europe, and no word about persecution of political opponents and pressure. By the way, president appears to be representative of the other party, but still. In the same newspaper, I read that French President, Francois Hollande and Jose Manuel Barroso are killing and cursing each other. In the past Barroso was young Maoist. Mao was the odious chieftain of Chinese communist party (when he defeated his friend general and established communist dictatorship in China and still does). Mr. Barroso, you were Maoist, and yet you threw dust into our eyes and frightened us with Russia? I remember one anecdote about this: Megrelian and Svan are walking in the jungles together. They encounter a lion. Megrelian bent and took a handful of sand and threw it into hungry lion’s eyes. And, he immediately climbed up on the tree. The lion became mad, he roares, cannot see anything and Megrelian shouts to Svan from the tree – climb up, hurry before lion cannot see anything (as you know, lion is quite capricious creature, it will not eat anything if it does not have a good look of its victim and make sure that it is well washed up and ecologically pure and that it’s not made by genetic engineering). Svan told him, why should I run and climb up the tree, it was not I who threw sand into lion’s eyes?! You say that we are not ready for Europe, you were the former Soviet Union. Yes Sir, we are former communists, but prime minister of Europe appears to be the former Maoist, so what? This Maoist, in his interview with New York Times, ten days prior to meeting of presidents of G-8 (these bosses were discussing the issues of transferring big amount of money to offshore and money laundering) accused governing circles of France, Hollande’s party in hindering conclusion of free trade agreement with USA and in implementing anti-globalist policy and called them reactionaries openly (How one can talk about criticism of Georgia by European parties and European institutions). Barroso said that Hollande is a reactionary! They say, elections are upcoming in European parliament and Barroso will have to run for the next term, that’s why he accused French president and won their hearts, who as well do not like Hollande, so that they could support Barroso after one year. In short, what Europeans won’t do for keeping their chairs? Here, this Ben Bernanke made whole world nervous – they don’t know whether he will buy these securities or not; will Dollar become a hard currency or not. And, at the same time, he teaches whole world – “Never explain, never excuse”. Why don’t you say this from the beginning, instead of preaching us how to catch and how to manage? We are fed up with the membership of the European Union and NATO. First, you handle your issues in the European Union, correct you economy, decrease state expenses and budget deficit, learn cohabitation, eradicate corruption and then we might think of your membership. Somehow or other! Until you don’t handle you business, Georgia won’t step into that European Union. Now, you can be nervous and in “Deeply Concern”.
I remember – Jacob had debt of his neighbour and he was obliged to pay his debt in the morning. Jacob, just like everybody else in Georgia, did not have money and could not return debt. He was very nervous about this. His wife, Sara told his husband, I’ll handle this issue. He went to the neighbour and told him:
– Does my husband have you debt?
– Yes, he does – answered the neighbour.
– He should pay his debt tomorrow, shouldn’t he?
– Yes, he should – answered the neighbour.
– Well, he won’t – Proudly told Sara and went home. When she entered home, she told Jacob – now, let him worry and be nervous about it. Well, Georgians, now let European be nervous, and you needn’t to worry about anything. Unless they learn to use ashtrays and hang the doors in the toilets, we won’t step into Europe. In the times of 19th century, Impressionists were denied access to salons and arranging exhibitions there. Because of this, impressionists arranged open-air exhibitions. So this how new epoch of art was created. The same is in Georgia, it is denied to access the European Union and it should create its own Montmartre.
Now we can be in “deeply concern” and not because the fact that there is a corruption and economic recession in Europe, but because of the fact that the finest and spoilt horse of Merab Natchkebia died suddenly due to eating hay created by genetic engineering. Generally, one should know what we are eating!