What research is funded with 17 billion by Apple? 2

At last, we have seen the sun. Winter ends and we jumped into the summer. What’s surprising? We are studying this year in an accelerated pace – we missed one season. And we did the right thing. I wonder what was worth of noting in the spring, what could be better than hot rays of the sun. Turtle Lake area was filled, overcrowded. The whole city gathered – some recall the old government bitterly like a taste of wild green plum, some – new.
Life boils there, a thousand things can be heard, people are worried about thousand things and grumbling. Hot rumours are in the air and soft nature of characters of the new TV series is disapproved, some don’t not like game style of “Real”, some minority and some majority.

Meanwhile, the sun stubbornly laughs, I still came and defeated the winter. I recall a joke about it – child is born at maternity hospital, and suddenly starts horse-laughing. Midwife goes mad, doctors say – he should be crying instead of horse laughing. Doctors wonder what’s wrong with him. They see that child’s fist is clenched severely and he does not stop laughing loudly. Mad doctor opens his fists with force… You’ll never guess what’s in his fist- birth control pills, and ironically he continued laughing – I am still born! The same is with the sun – at least I brought the summer! Every morning I go my way up to the sun and to news. Once, I heard long forgotten, but still very familiar sound from the front of my car. It seemed familiar, but I still could not recall it… shortly I was confused. I could not believe – this rhythmic knocking was of a woodpeckers flirting with the wood or of 8th cylinder of my car. I recalled my childhood: when I refuel with hardly gotten and thousand times raped “93”, the car made so rhythmic “kkkk” that it could deafen everyone. We did not care, as we have paid 5000 Manats for the car and 20 copecks for the fuel. No, I don’t believe, but it’s a fact, it was really knocking and I could really hear the sound of my childhood. Surprised I asked the driver, what gasoline did you supply and where? He told – that he refuelled with premium gasoline in “Gulf” at Kostava street. However, we know that “Super” is not imported in Georgia at all and this “Premium” should be the best. Then we refuelled at Vake-Saburtalo road. Then at Elbakidze down. The same was everywhere. It seems that they have raped this 2.25 Lari gasoline and it is absolutely of no quality. Imagine, someone has turned this into the norm in Georgia – quality or the amount is not checked. So we are robbing poor Georgian consumers. This appears to be free market economy and liberalism in the field of control.
Due to recession, oil prices in whole world have decreased almost by 30 dollars, thou they stubbornly do not change here and they even supply lower quality fuel. Just like Kaztransgaz, when in January-February they supplied us with such a bad quality gas that maddened counters counted triple amounts, counters, which surprising are covered with cellophanes by Kaztransgaz. I guess they think that counters might catch cold. In fact, it seems that gasoline seller companies and Kaztransgaz doubled their prices and nobody is raising voice about this. During the daylight they are deceiving people, making bad name for new government and nobody punishes them, it’s quite over there.
I raised this issue at the international arena of Turtle’s Lake and received such answer: this is paradigm of new market economy, which is called – everyone is happy. It’s like sex. Consumers think that prices of fuel and gas go down, while actually prices go up for the sellers of fuel and gas. Such a regulation of demand and supply under the conditions of inelastic demand appears to be essence of this new paradigm! You see, how much effort has been put here?! This is even worse than, you take contraceptive and you are still impregnated.
Chicago School is surprised and has sent experts to Georgia in order to learn this study more perfectly. There was no place at the Turtle Lake and they could not come, soon they will come and study this phenomenon in-depth and then advice to the economy researchers and the president. This was named as the know-how of Silk Road Countries; whole Wall Street is went crazy and Apple is issuing bonds worth of 17 billion for better funding of such researches. So that it could finance this wonder of market economy and then use its spring seedling for strategic development of the company. God bless you! This isn’t a park of Turtle Lake, this is true people’s techno-fin-cult-phis-rumour institution. Moreover, you are conducting experiments on cars, fuel, gas, sun, water, people, you study and at the same time enlighten people. We have surprised the world once again. Georgia is the country of wonders- only here Porsche can run with kerosene and natural gas evaporate diesel fumes while burning. Here, new born child can hold contraceptive in his hands and spring can have a vacation.
God bless this unique country, happy Easter to you!

Emzar Jgerenaia
TSU Professor