How economic theories are being demolished together with Gudauri-Kobi road and what are the talks at the market 3

Strange things happen at Dunai. We cannot understand whether economic crisis is over or not, whether economic laws work or not, whether spring has come or not and have the Nationals gone or not. By the way, as regards economic laws, there is a full hysteria – according to the laws when a currency strengthens, export of that country should decrease, because goods become expensive.

During recent months Euro is totally strong, though German export is increasing and increasing. Inflation rate is high, but despite this investments in China are rising. According to the theory – if GDP or indicator of foreign debt is up to 60% economics is strong and there is no danger, but in Cyprus there were such indicators just before crisis. Well, economic science is muddled, GDP and its accompanying targets are confusing us. Attempt to fashion and formularize economics ended in big failure and thus scientific society cannot understand – is this market economy or not.

It is market economy isn’t it?!

Georgians are confused, we cannot understand what’s better inflation or deflation. We were convinced that inflation is bad and thus we strengthened monetary policy, rode deflation horse and are having fun there. Economy is in big trouble, but we strictly hold on to deflation. That’s right, we restored Bagrati temple, but in a way that not only foreigners, but also we cannot recognize it. At the same time we were unable to restore Kobi-Gudauri road.

We maintain Kobi Gudauri road in the shape as it was when Ilia passed on it. We take care of his footprints, we do not repair the road not to erase Ilias footprints there. We don’t want Tergi to remind us movement theory and we hid it in the tunnel. That serves this restless right. It is such a pain with its movement and movement. Moreover, so that nobody drinks it and brings ideas from Russia we hid it underground. Imagine if we have repaired Kobi-Gudauri road the new generations would not have been able to see how Ilia struggled on his way back home. No, we will restore this part of the road, but so that world’s any architect would be jealous, even Fuxe. As if we have restored it, but still it maintains its initial shape. Restoration of Bagrati reassured us that this is the right method. We have restored it, but at the same time it is not restored. When we restored Bagrati whole world went crazy saying it has lost its initial face. That’s why we maintain its initial form. Here it is – geniality of Georgian nation. Besides this we have changed orientation: as this road leads to Russia, it should be so damaged to prevent us from walking towards Russia intensely. Even more when moving towards Russia this road should remind us how difficult and dangerous is the road to Russia! If road does not shakes you, melts your brains, mixes your stomach you cannot understand what is a motherland! Maintaining this road this way also has social-economic destination. It ensures full employment of Stepantsminda and its surroundings. Something always happens here. This is what we have to talk about. If due to bad weather the road is blocked, they drag you by tow-rope that costs you 300 laris. If you hit the car and your tire is cut, but you are still alive, this costs you 700 laris.

For decades this road was feeding local population. The problem is that this road destroys Georgia, as a country in economic transition, but it is marketable for the population of Stepantsminda. Capitalism has developed there and they exactly know how to earn money in terms of capitalism. That’s why it is a market economy.
Finally, we should find out – what do we want, what do we need to restore and how. We should also find out what the talks at the market are and what works on the basis of free market principle. What’s better unrepaired Kobi-Gudauri road, that truly has appearance of 19th century road, or Bagrati temple with its green roof. What’s better inflation and stimulation of economy or numb economy? There are a lot of things to talk about at the market, aren’t there? But who knows?

Emzar Jgerenaia
TSU Professor