What we liked in Singapore do not like in Agmashenebeli 1

Over the years, we wanted to be Singapore and Singapore was the main benchmark. Georgians are weird – and I wonder why? It is a small city – state, of New – York’s size and which gained its formal independence from Britain in 1965, its composed of only port, swine farms, fishermen villages and houses of rich foreigners. In 2011, there were 188 000 millionaire apartments. The country of strict dictatorship, governed by the President Lee Kuan Yew from 1965 to 1990 and after that. We liked this I suppose. We liked formal democracy, and the fact that they have strictest laws.

Spitting, chewing a gum is prohibited, there were times when the number of children was managed too, and today, despite 5 – million population, Singapore faces a demographic disaster. Yes, GDP per capita increased from $ 560 to $ 53000 and in 2013 it is the most desirable place in which Asians would like to be born, but living for locals is expensive and very heavy. They learn and work so much that have no time to marry and upbring children. According to experts, there is a catastrophic demographic system in Singapore and soon there will no indigenous population.
So, the president liked Singapore – the idea of eternal power Singapore and at the same time democratic as considered by the West; even though the government has not changed for many decades, even – Obama called Lee a legendary man. In fact, it is a Western and Asian Millionaires Club, harbor of speculative market; offshore, where the modern wealth seekers achieve their goals with teeth and claws.
Muscular, disciplined business – soldiers are fighting every day for amorphous, combined, national, ideals of modern capitalism, and financial survival. This is a real war arena, this is the place for only the richest. There is no spirit or moral, there is only money alone … Dictatorship or democracy – nobody cares about, more important is peace, calm and secured future for capital war.
Singapore is not a country, it’s a brutal world of the beasts and wolves.
Do we have a chance to be Singapore? – Perhaps Laborites have a bigger chance to be elected as the majority party in parliament than us to be Singapore. Did we know? _ Yes, we did. So, what did we want? – We just liked the idea of ​​a rich country, governed by one family and which is called legendary and democratic in the West. Local residents will extinct soon, as said. Well, perhaps, a new ethnos -creation of Singapora should be expected. The main purpose is to breed the “Singapora”, this new man. By the way, humanity has always suffered from this idea, acceptable and easily manageable communities, or experiment of breeding new people. The first such experiment was started by Spartans in practice and in theory by Plato.
All is Plato’s fault, though harmless philosopher, who created city of good – Atlantis. In fact he was such a villain, that the human race has ever seen. He doomed Misha too. Imagine, in Plato’s Atlantis a society had four layers of tillers, workers, guards and philosophers. They had no right to mix blood and have relationship with each other. There was no private property, including personal. Your wife was anyone’s wife. Children were raised in a boarding facility, like Communists. When a young person became 20-year-old special council of philosophers was assigning them according to their skills. They decided, who would become an artisan, a defender or a philosopher.
Two men … But, they do not ask people? Where is love, feeling, betrayal, dreams? (There’s no need to dream. And why society is needed without dreams?!). Plato under the guise of a man of kindness and caring unilaterally decided the fate of people. It is horrible! Wanted to breed a new man, then in the 15th – century Utopists attempted the same. In 20ies – the Marxists, Communists in Russia, Jamakhiria in Libya, Mao in China and Misha in Georgia. Generally, every new dictator, was breeding an obedient and disciplined nation acceptable for him, to both Lee in Singapore and Misha in Georgia. Do you see, how he appeared under the influence of Platonism? He loved… not, excuse me, three: Plato, Machiavelli and Lee. He went crazy, dreamed and at night, from Makhata mountain and Shavnabada he talked and realized their ideas in life – the ideas of breeding new man, new society and eternal kindness. More precisely, he wanted to realize them. Everybody was against him, nation, and even David. Who asked this David to take capital from Kutaisi to Tbilisi? If he have not taken it from there this would not have become reason for such quarrels. People are ungrateful and there is no sense of doing much good. They forgave everything to David the Builder, except of taking capital to Tbilisi. Now, they had to invent a new economic theory that is called the neo – Kaynse – Nationalism theory. It is a brand new theory, raw, and its idea is that as long as the financial crisis is wrapped in warm coals like a barbecue on a grill and is looking for new paradigms, the Georgians found formula of overcoming crisis, economic growth and regional development – moving of capital from one city to another and building your own Atlantis or Lazika. That’s it, and the country will prosper. Why, Keynse? Some scientists say these theses are similar to Keynsian multiplier, but research has confirmed that this is the original modern economic theory and nationalist version of Keynsialism. Therefore, every – day this idea becomes more popular in the world.
Englishmen picked up the idea and they are moving parliament to Edinbara. However, they are saying that they are demolishing this 200 – year-old Big Ben and moving it, soon they do the same with Westminster Abby. So, where to burry respected parliamentarians. The House of Lords is against, but the country needs this and what can they do. David Cameron declared in Davos that Georgian’s theory has saved the people of the United Kingdom and categorically demanded Continental Europe to use this theory as guidance to save economy, otherwise, he would leave the EU.
Georgian economists and, in principle, Asian researchers also introduced the authors of the idea ​​ for the Nobel Peace Prize in economics. However, this world won’t make anyone happy for a long time. Do not want upbringing of a new man, new multinational super – international – Platonic society with Singapore powder? – You won’t have one. Do not want a new economic theory? – Dream, though, here in the second decade the capital city would become Zugdidi and sometime after even Ozurgeti in Guria. So the country would prosper and become full of jobs about in 200-300 years. As Lela Kakulia said, she sees fallen Russia in about 300 years… We would return Abkhazia, conquer Krasnodar. These Georgians are impatient, real descendants of King David – moved quickly the capital to Tbilisi and kicked out creative Nationals. So, you deserve to live in this overcrowded Tbilisi.
Time comes, when you will be longing for Plato and Singapore, especially when grumbling of your wife drives you crazy and you start to stare at someone else’s wife with watering mouth. Poor, what is better than Singapore and Atlantis, but Georgians have never had brains, and perhaps, never will. They will take their David King’s ideals and freedom to the grave.
Eeh … I wonder, will they at least invite us when they move the capital to Edinbara? The Englishmen are not ungrateful, in the end when they slip Paris to Marseille, I think we do not miss the inauguration, as well as invitation to Stockholm for receipt of the Nobel legacy. Yes, they appreciate it either here or there.