Why did Khorena bring to life Maltus in Bakuriani, who has been killed by Chicago school and how Lady Gaga has become an economic category 2

Wow… we caught our breath! The world is saved, 21st has passed. It costed us only 5.5 point earthquake and as TV Imedi announced beverages were severely destroyed on the market shelves.
What if Devil passed through Anaklia and when he saw these “expensive” beverages greed prevailed upon him and he sold the soul to another Devil, drank it and had a spicy Megrelian Kupati (sausages) that even the Devil can make thirsty. The Devil became so drunk that he even forgot why he came to the earth in the end of December month.

That’s why so painlessly have passed 21st and 22nd of December. Thus the Devil’s mission remained impossible. Georgia has rescued the humanity. Of Course?! What cannot come to the Megrelian mind and keen camera of TV Imedi has not missed this. However, all in vain, who appreciates this at home or outside? In this fostered Anaklia, Kvareli and everywhere caws are strolling. It seems that due to exactly and reasonably conducted agrarian reform they have bred and even appeared in beau monde and became bolder. They do not hide their views or lifestyle. Uh… that’s right! They are going to stay on this territory for a long time. They have tasted the taste of democracy and failure of dictatorship. The times when caws where locked in four walls are over! Now they are walking in the Training Centre of Justice until reorganization is being conducted at Agrarian University or there is a deficit of tourists in Anaklia. Artificially as if big money was spent on keeping of tourists, while caws can give us at least the milk and we can make Sulguni cheese – not virtual, but real one. There is a risk that if a caw becomes so educated that it establishes non-governmental organizations protecting the rights of caws! Then we will have things to worry about, you want to pen the cattle the caws are shouting about pressure or you want to milk the caw and they are shouting about – rape! This limitless democracy is very dangerous. Who would do or think about it before?! – nobody – that’s the thing! We wanted to employ people and instead we employed caws. People still remain unemployed. It’s pity, none of the representatives of foreign media appreciated or broadcasted this. Neither have the foreign politicians appreciated our dedication – this is the thing to worry about. Nobody has even posted it to Facebook. Facebook has 50 million members all over the world (they evaluate this) and 25 million of them are fans of Lady Gaga (this too). Imagine if she runs for US presidency, she wins the elections without any problem. Will not she? Why not, if Klichko did why Gaga should not? The world has changed so much, the Devil changed his mind of destroyed us, he became pity of us. Politics always was a theatre, but of politicians and not of absurd and it had its own game rules. Now the country belongs to Gaga and her plastic tits. People have tits like a wax, natural and man does not want them, they are crazy of Gaga’s artificial ones and spent millions of dollars. She cannot even sing normally, only to shout like a monkey. But, who cares, she is enlarging GDP. Economy of 21st century is set in different paradigms. Real sector of economy went to shadow, computers and special effects have conquered the world and economic market. Economic growth depends on it. Economic School of Chicago find it difficult to recognize this, but this is so. Digital-virtual world is decisive here. They are measuring whole world except of India with Big-Mac index in vain, in India it’s called Maharaja index, while in Georgia its Jonjoli (bladder nut) index (Misha Jibuti “implemented” it). It appears that Switzerland is eating the most expensive Big-Mac, while India does the cheapest one, nothing to say about us.
And what is most important the world is equal in terms of currency exchange rate, this is the only field where equality exists (just like snow covered Bakuriani forests – every tree is equal towards the frost), the rest is total unfairness. It is difficult to apprehend electronic goods as an economic category. Though it is a fact. It is also a part of the show, but it’s a fact – one should not build a factory, but one should bring up Gaga. So, Georgian stars are falling at the TV screens! Have you understood the essence of economic politics? They will save Georgia – 16 years old hackers and TV stars. If we bring up ten Gagas and ten Zuckerbergs … our economic growth makes up 12-15% and the country is saved. That’s why according to politicians economic plan and program is necessary. Moreover, the scientists are shouting – we have defeated Malthus! Yes, of course he would have been defeated, we were fighting with him over three centuries, even more than Crusaders were conquering Jerusalem and who has defeated Malthus? – Of course Gaga, and Zuckerberg together with Steve Jobs. We don’t need cohabitation here, this is not a good job. Cohabitation of Saladin and King of England, Brave Heart had a good result. This was first example of cohabitation and it lasted 5 years and ended with crash of Christians. After that Christians are allergic to this term.
Wow, what a New 2012 year. We avoided bloodshed in the country, the collapse of the world, but could not survive cohabitation. Not a bad result. No dreams came true? – Give us some time, New Year’s Eve is still awaiting. And now we take care of everything along with Santa Claus, the New Year is a time for dreams!
The color of the sky and the earth is the same. It’s snowing mercilessly. Heaven and earth are satisfied – the sky got rid of the snow, the earth receives it and puts on a cloak. The earth is horrible to see, like Gaga without make-up. Quietly standing trees with their bowed heads, as if they have also learned about the defeat Malthus and they became sorry.
Here, the story of changing world has reached the world of silence, mountains of Bakuriani. Cows do not appear here, as the Ministry of Justice Education Center is not built here. What can one say, here nobody has ever believed the collapse of the world, not a global warming myth. Here everything has its dreams snow as well as fir trees and snow covered land, and they are waiting for NEW YEAR.
And, a question – how the economy grows – the language of the local people so it sounds: How to increase snow cover. Bearded Khorena is standing there (more precisely, as ACC might say, a beard like a moss) with wrinkled face and dreaming of the snow to ride its iron horse – snowmobile and earn some money to keep his family cheerfully locked up in cold Abastumani. Malthus is still alive here and well Smith with his invisible hand is still respected. They do not care about the opinion of the scientist of Chicago school, because everyone has their own dream. I recalled a joke, the Svan wanted to be Santa Claus and named his grandson Snow! Each of us need to take 2013 steps towards the dream, nothing will come of itself, even the snow. Khorena’s Prayers brought the snow so that not to remain unemployed.
He brought back the dream and also embodied Malthus, he is struggling for survival, because he knows that wishing are many bounty is small. This caw also knows this, this territory belonged to it before they built something there, the caws were freely eating ecologically clean, excise-tax free grass, (they did not managed, otherwise they would also impose excise tax on grass from January 1; who would dare to say no, if they were going to do the same with Nabeglavi and Borjomi). Khorena does not believe we would bring up Gaga and Zuckerberg either and that’s why he cuts the wood, cleans the road and snowmobiles. That’s why he is looking up to the sky and fondles every snowflake like a Kakhetian peasants his cluster. Sometimes he looks towards Kokhta and Didveli – checks the thickness of snow cover, if you ask him, all white are not white, everyone has their own truth, but his truth is that: warmth at home, food in the pot, decorated Christmas tree and happy family. Khorena takes care of his home, thus he is taking care of the country. He does not know the GDP, but he contributes to its growth devotedly. He know nothing of Malthus, but he blows and gives life to him.
For a long time I was watching the sky, Kokhta and Didveli covered with white cloak, white fir trees or fine trees, nature whim like a wife and I understood Khorena brings New Year and embodiment of dreams too! He is aware of market and the competition, he knows he cannot work on two snowmobiles as much as he physically cannot do it and there will be as many snowmobile owners as the market demands. Even he has his little calculations and strategy, though, is not in in Long ran, but the country must have it!
Dream, but do not forget to act!
Happy New Year to you my patient reader pure like a snow in Bakuriani!