“Government Announced Plans on Free-Trade Agreement with China, But No Document Is Signed Yet”

“Government Announced Plans on Free-Trade Agreement with China, But No Document Is Signed Yet”

EMZAR JGERENAIA, Economic Analyst, comments on Georgia’s aspirations to enter Free-Trade with China

Garibashvili administration has announced that Free Trade Agreement with China was being discussed, but the document is not put out yet. This is a complicated question, because, on the one hand, every country in the world dreams to penetrate China’s huge market, which has 1 billion 600 million population. It’s such a volume that any entrepreneur dreams to have an access to even a tenth of such a market. More

Experts Believe a Fair Trial is Essential to Attract Investments

Experts Believe a Fair Trial is Essential to Attract Investments

Georgian Dream government is looking for ways to attract investments.

The government’s desire to strengthen the economic aspect of diplomacy was named the main reason for the appointment of former Minister of Economy of Georgia Giorgi Kvirikashvili as the head the Foreign Ministry. New Economy Minister Dmitry Kumsiashvili said that ambassadors in various countries should help Georgia in attracting investments. More


TSU Professor Emzar Jgerenaia

What is a free economic zone?

I adore September. First, because many my favorite people including myself were born this month. Second, because this is a fascinating and beautiful time in Georgia, full of colors, abundant and plentiful.

September is bringing misfortune for United States of America. Serious economic catastrophe happened in September last year – American biggest investment bank Lehman Brothers that was dominant in engineering of global securities got bankrupted on 15 September. This was quite logical – main guilty in crisis left the scene. However, hysteria started year ago proved to be wrong – capitalism did not die. GDP reduction made up 4% in USA, 5% in England, 6% in Germany and 8% in Japan, while 10% in Russia1. (Only Georgia escaped such fall. According to our official data, no matter how surprising it might look, economic growth has made up 6%. More


Emzar Jgerenaia

Ministers’ relations with Zeus have become apparent

I was born to love not to hate
Sophocles, 496-406 B.C

I have two greatest celebrations in my life – New Year and summer (of course if they don’t spoil it). Despite heavy rains and floods, the sun sitting on almost blocked and built-up Makhata mount, with terribly charming eyes, is slyly and gracefully bending its neck and languishing lovely eyes. Despite its long distance, it fills life with energy and makes you to feel the beauty of life – that’s fantastic, even during crisis! In the times when crisises (What? Crisis is uncountable? Nuts! We have countable crisises and if something doesn’t coincide with grammar rules then coming out from the ongoing situation we should changes them by people’s demand) are raging, one minister, handsome like Dartanian appeared and blackened the world. More


Professor Emzar Jgeneraia

“I would make mistake together with Plato rather than arrive at the truth with modern Greeks (experts)”

When the hostility appeared between Pompeii and Cesar Cicero said then: “I know whom I should ran away from, but I do not know where to”.
Every one of us is a sinner. These words seem more topical during Easter time. That is why we keep the fast so carefully, we are happy of confession and forgiving of our sins. We have hope of Easter. Spring and scattered rain are mixed with political-economical dirt. That is why I recalled Cicero and Plutarch. Two things existed always – search for the truth and the experts seeking for it. People were always claiming that thinkers know nothing either in economics or politics. More


Emzar Jgerenaia

Georgian parameters of Edgeworth Box from empirical standpoint

Georgia is amazing country and unique people live here. They say something once and then they are defending this thesis by all means. One of my students told a story about my colleague professor, who was proving that value-added tax (VAT) is a direct tax. My student is from Jvari region. He was asserting that the professor was wrong and VAT is an indirect tax. Professor remained adamant! –
– “Nonsense!” You think I do know nothing? It is a direct tax, when some funds come in the organization; they cut off the VAT immediately!!! More


Emzar Jgerenaia

“Experience and history teaches us – nations and governments learn nothing from history!”
George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

It is hard to watch an upcoming raging wave of ten meters high; how tsunami is reaching and you are sitting in a small boat. Alternatively, you are running away like the hero of Georgian tale Tsikara and giants are chasing you, you want to take out of your pocket the magic comb and threw it away, but you don’t have it. Alternatively, like Natsarkekia (Georgian tale), you want to stick an awl into the shoulders of the giant but an awl is blunt. You want to shout – “wolf is coming”, but like Kajana you don’t’ have a voice. More