What can protect Georgia from world crisis of 2016

What can protect Georgia from world crisis of 2016

At economic forum in Davos, Joe Biden, one of the wisest men in the world told the businessmen not to export their capital, money from the country and conceal it in offshore banks for tax evasion and thus benefiting their shareholders and robbing and weakening the state, their country. They should return that capital back, to their country and benefit their co-citizens, the state and they would promote their business.

This was the key-note of Davos forums for last four years. Yes, there are additional questions at each meeting, for example, at this meeting the fourth industrial revolution 1 , the issue of climate warming in unusually frosty Europe, oil prices and expected deep financial crisis etc. But the main issue is offshore and concealed capital and amnesty! More

Similarities of Singapore and the Idea of Georgian Manhattan

Just recently I had a debate with a lady of Tbilisi about “greenness” and she argued that “green” means the wild, intact nature and no money and investments are required for maintenance of such nature and hence, she was against the project of Georgian Manhattan! In her opinion, it does not imply greenness?.. It’s amazing, no one desires to listen to the arguments and suddenly I recalled the Singapore (we are of the same age, that lady, I and Singapore). It has 50th anniversary and it is a symbol of unique combination of green flora, skyscrapers (see the picture below). This is an Asian Manhattan and you can judge, whether it is successful or not. Its author, Lee Kuan Yew regarded it as a prototype of Manhattan. This is the charm of this city, for this it attracts the bankers and the businessmen and for this it became one of the key centers of the world’s business elite! More

What is the price of love, or the law in the emptiness about emptiness for the empty country

It is better not to be born rather than to be born dead

The emptiness is the most expensive space of the mankind. The most significant part of the entire market is the action for covering of the emptiness. People spend most money for filling of the emptiness and frequently they do this unconsciously. Perhaps, no one has calculated but human relations, in a monetary form, achieve quite significant amount. I mean that relations with the people making one’s life beautiful are very valuable, those, with whom we share our emotions, thoughts; whom we make smile, whom we support or give love, warmth, romanticism, love. We spend time with them – friends, beloved people, family members. But all these has some costs: presents for the various significant dates, parties, everyday rituals of having coffee and tea at the cafe, visiting restaurants etc; friendship, love, relations with the children – all these are quite expensive relations. More

About the regularities of Stendhal’s death of syphilis and economic paradigms of contemporary Georgia, or for which politician it would be adequate to die of Ebola

“… I cannot guarantee that I shall not be nervous”

Winter creeps slowly, with the frost, pain and melancholy. Sun is defeated and colorless veil of cold covers the nature and soul full of summer joy and love!
Perhaps, everything has its time, everything is perishable, but sometimes I think – people simply sooth themselves by these senseless words and attempt to cover their mistakes with dust or attributing them to the others – to the nature or even sun. Maybe because it is the most painful thing to recognize one’s own mistakes. The regularities, seemingly inevitable, actually are the certain dogmas and Shania laws emerged in human mind, pumped into the worm-eaten layers of their coconsciousness and people don’t know why they follow them. More

Strange Shades of Georgian Green Movement, or How Green is at the Same Time Black, Red, Yellow and Even Motley

On the beautiful April day, when whole world celebrated the Day of Earth, in the bright sun (it was good weather in the morning), the Green Movement has celebrated it as well. For this day the Greens arranged so called performance and there they named as the representatives of “green business” the leaders of the largest oil companies. The nature became so angry for this obscenity that that night it sent unseen thunder, storm and showed and the lightening to Mtatsminda Mast. Furious nature has sent the lightening to the impudence and phariseeism of the Green Movement.
Green Movement, sometimes screaming because of not cutting of the trees but even for taking of each leave, nothing to say about the big dustup with Hudon HPP, unexpectedly named the five oil companies importing low quality petrol into Georgia as the poster-boys of green business. More

Here is the story of alternate, inclusive aristocratic model of rescuing Georgian economy and Georgian worn way of making money i.e. God save us! 15,859


In fall, society was boiling like Khakhetian tatara: here is the new way of electing new president and new government, there we have unique event in the history – the current first person wilfully resigned and society is still shocked – why he left us and suddenly… I read that the prince was baptized in Mtskheta! I thought that I appeared in Turkish TV series, where Suleiman’s son was baptized. Everything can happen in movies, but I didn’t expect this in modern Georgia, I was astonished. More

Problem of the Background and Mutual Assessment in the Eco-Politics of Georgia

The best financial advice I ever got was ”Price yourself high and see
what happens.”
Scott Adams, creator of ”Dilbert” and author of ”How to Fail at
Almost Everything and Still Win Big”
It is a cold winter. Frost spits, trembles and wants to penetrate into our flesh, like a sorrow. It is so cold that I think, even the frost feels frozen, seeking some warmth in our poor bodies. It does not know that we are even colder and crueler than it is. It is cold but silent and pure and we – cold, cruel and speaking different pharisaic and dirty thinks. Frost kills a human and further, it maintains the body beautiful and peaceful, undamaged and we kill one another with our senseless words and further decay them. Sometimes I think that if Lord could really see all our actions, sins, hear all our words, his heart would burst of all these. Perhaps he shouts angrily – no, how all these could be forgiven or heard on the day of doom. More